About the e-Procurement Website

The PublicProcurement.be website is the official public markets portal of the Belgian federal civil service. On the website may be found all necessary information for concluding public markets.
The PublicProcurement.be website, is meant for:
  • the anonymous user who may use the applications as long as the information consulted remains “open”. He/she may then, in one way or another, set up an account.
  • the civil servant, for whom the website provides management tools, optimalisation of deadlines, security, transparency and simplification.
  • businesses, for whom the website brings facility and rapidity of access, a greater visibility, a multitude of tools, optimalisation of deadlines, simplification, security of transfers and data management.

e-Procurement includes:

The e-Notification represents website changes for a better utilisation:  as an example, the e-Procurement service organises monthly information sessions for public servants and businesses. For participation please consult the calendar on www.publicprocurement.be.
On the same page may be found Contracting Authority Services (the system offers contracting authorities a collaborative e-Procurement environment for organising public procurement competition. The system provides the tools to support the management of Call-for-tenders workspaces (Publication File) and the publication of notices, with the possibility of registering as a Contracting Authority or as an Organisation Registration Request) and Economic Operator Services (the system provides the tools and services for searching public procurement competitions and supports all activities that suppliers may need to undertake to participate in a competition, including the selection and downloading of publication materials, the customisation of their search profile, the participation of online Questions and Answer forums and the possibility of registering as an Economic Operator.

e-Tendering is an open, secure, interactive, and re-configurable e-procurement platform based on European standards and EC directives where contracting authorities and economic operators can perform their daily e-procurement activities.

On the same page may be found the Contracting Authority Services (the platform offers contracting authorities a collaborative e-procurement environment for organising their tender-related activities and provides the management tools for tender files, including their visualisation, modification, submission, qualification and opening of a tender) and the Economic Operator Services (for which tools and services are provided for carrying out automated, transparent and secure preparations and submissions of requests for participation in tenders. E-Tendering provides a non-discriminatory solution to fundamental procurement procedures and allows economic operators and candidates to carry out efficiently their procurement activities, thus assisting the acceleration of tender preparations and submissions; users may register.

e-Catalogue is an autonomous e-Procurement application that offers, via internet to public officers and companies, a multilingual platform. It is based on open source building blocks and is comprised of an electronic purchase process in two parts:  electronic catalogue and electronic ordering. The platform provides possibilities to manage contractual activities relating to electronic catalogues, such as the electronic order. The security of the application accessed is ensured.

The system is designed for civil servants in Public Services (the platform provides public servants a collaborative e-Procurement environment for consulting catalogues and placing purchase orders) and for Companies (the e-Catalogue provides companies with a collaborative e-Procurement environment for uploading their catalogues and managing their files. In addition receiving electronic orders and modifying the order status are possible options.