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Federal Portal Website

Selor publishes its 2009 Annual Report:  Selor, the selection of office administration, has published its 2009 annual report. Because of its unique role in the labor market, Selor is in direct contact with candidates, government organizations and policy makers. This annual report presents all the figures in 2009 Selor and testimonials, recommendations for the future and a retrospective activities Selor since 2002. The annual report is open, interactive and accessible to all via a dedicated website.

Economic Outlook 2010-2015: The Federal Planning Bureau presented this week his economic outlook for 2010-2015. The Planning Bureau has outlined detailed perspectives with regard to the next five years: :

  • Belgian, European and global economies
  • Labour market
  • Public Finance
  • Energy consumption

Federal Staff Website

The PPS Social Integration and the Commissariat General for Refugees and Stateless Persons have published their 2009 annual report : The 2009 Annual Report of the Planing Public Service Social integration provides a summary of all the milestones that the PPS has raised throughout the year 2009 and should find a realisation in 2010, a fundamental year for Belgium as it takes over the Presidency of the European Union. Every year, the annual report of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRA) illuminate trends in the issue of asylum in Belgium, and outlines the activities and organization of CGRA.




Public Service Alliance of Canada Website

The 15th National Triennial Convention of the Public Service Alliance of Canada was held at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre in Vancouver, BC on April 26 – May 1, 2009. The theme for the 2009 PSAC National Triennial Convention was: Lead the Way for Quality Public Services. You can download the Proceedings of the Congress whose theme was to inspire participants to promote quality public services.


Centre sur la productivité et la prospérité de HEC Montréal

La productivité et la performance du secteur public au Québec
Ce projet s’inscrit dans une vaste étude ayant pour but de documenter la progression de la productivité et de la performance de plusieurs entités gouvernementales au Québec. La version complète est disponible en anglais seulement :
Laurin, C., Quenneville, M.-E., Thibodeau, N., “ The Long-run Performance of Decentralized Agencies, sept. 2009, À paraître dans “Governance of Public Sector Organization: Autonomy, Control and Performance”, par Per Laergreid et Koen Verhoest, Éditeurs.  

INFONEX Performance Management for the Public Sector. Solving Measurement and Evaluation Challenges, November 24 and 25, 2009, OTTAWA, ONTARIO The Proceedings (for sale) are available now.


Qualité Publique (France)

Les rencontres de la performance et de la responsabilité. 9-10 décembre 2009. Cette nouvelle initiative de rencontres plutôt destinée aux entreprises mais aussi aux organisations publiques traite de tous les domaines de l’amélioration de la qualité, au développement durable, RH … Elle aura lieu à la Bourse du Commerce à Paris. FQP est associé au groupe de pilotage. 

Comment les citoyens-usagers pourraient-ils prendre part à l’amélioration des services publics locaux ? 26 mars Organisée, à l’initiative de l’Institut de la Gestion Déléguée avec le concours de ses Partenaires réunis au sein d’un comité de pilotage, la Conférence de citoyens sur les services publics locaux arrive à son terme. Cette démarche qui s’inscrit dans le cadre du 7e principe de la Charte des Services Publics Locaux, sera clôturée par un débat public sous le haut parrainage de Jacques Pélissard, Président de l’Association des Maires de France.


Verwaltung innovativ (Innovative Management)

Congress on Quality – On April 27, 2010 at the invitation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with the German Society for Quality (DGQ), the Congress on Quality Management in Cologne was attended by approximately 100 leaders, from the  Federal, Länder and local level of governance. It was the first time the issue of quality was the subject of a conference involving all levels of management. The program and papers can be downloaded in German.


Afrique du sudSouth Africa

Department of public Services and Administration Website

Deferred implementation of the Variable Pay System (VPS) linked to the performance management system for members of the SMS

The minister for the public service and administration has made a number of terminations regarding the implementation of a proposed Variable Pay System (VPS), for full times SMS members appointed in terms of public service act. VPS Would be effective as from 1 April 2009, and this would be translated to the current financial year 2008/09 being the last SMS performance cycle for the payment of performance bonuses for qualifying SMS members using the current performance management policy in terms of the procedures and instruments.



Public servants will be monitored – Zuma
Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma says regular monitoring and evaluation of government’s performance is crucial if it is to achieve its delivery objectives.

Corée du sudSouth Korea

The Korea Times

E-Government Web Sites Underutilized By Do Je-hae Staff Reporter

Koreans have been praised worldwide for their passion and expertise in developing Web portals for citizen services under the “e-government” project.


Federal administration

Administration plus efficace et répondant mieux aux besoins de la population, sur les principes de la GMEB (gestion par mandat de prestations et enveloppe budgétaire). Pour répondre aux mutations en cours dans l’économie et la société, le secteur public se doit d’alléger son organisation bureaucratique, d’assouplir ses structures et d’optimiser ses processus. Le moteur d’une administration plus efficace porte un nom, celui de (nouvelle) gestion publique ou de gestion des affaires administratives axée sur les résultats.: le GMEB (gestion par mandat de prestations et enveloppe budgétaire).

DocumentationLink to the guide

Link to the Administrative Units GMEB

La gestion du personnel dans l’administration publique doit allier orientation sur la performance et motivation des collaborateurs. Des résultats empiriques provenant de l’administration fédérale jettent une nouvelle lumière sur ce sujet d’actualité.


Etats-UnisUnited States of America

The Third Annual Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Conference

March 18-19, 2010, Chattanooga Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN. We invite proposals for presentations, papers, panels, workshops, and case studies from practitioners, academics, researchers, vendors, and students that address issues of performance measurement in the public and nonprofit sectors.

Topic 1: Performance Improvement and Analysis
Since the enactment of the Government Performance and Results Act in 1993, all agencies now have strategic plans and performance measures supported by an infrastructure of staff and processes build to collect and deliver performance data.  The Obama Administration took office promising to appoint a “chief performance officer” to improve performance.



European Union

European Parliament Press Service

Cutting off finance for terrorism: towards a European system – Many Civil Liberties Committee MEPs hailed the progress achieved in the new agreement on banking data transfers to the USA for counter-terrorism purposes, four months after rejecting the previous agreement and pressing the European Commission to come up with a new deal. On Thursday, Parliament won firmer Council and Commission commitments to put in place an EU programme to combat finance for terrorism.

Stronger oversight of EU financial markets – Since the economic crash and subsequent global crisis there have been calls for closer monitoring of the financial system and better EU coordination. On Monday it was the turn of the Parliament’s Economic Committee to have its say on the proposals for a European Systemic Risk Board and a European System of Financial Supervisors. Stricter controls over hedge funds and other “alternative investment funds” will be voted on 17 May.

Delegated legislative powers: only within certain limitsFrom humanitarian emergencies to technical rules and regulations, swift minor adjustments are sometimes needed to EU legislation without resorting to lengthy procedures. The Lisbon Treaty introduced a new streamlined system for delegating to the European Commission the power to make minor changes to EU laws when needed. MEPs adopted a resolution on Wednesday stating how these powers should be delegated, under what conditions and limits, and how the Commission’s use of them should be monitored.

Data transfers to USA: Parliament states its terms – Any new agreement on providing bank data to the United States – for example via the SWIFT system – must avoid “bulk data” transfers until they can be processed within the EU, warned MEPs on Wednesday. As for Passenger Name Records, Parliament opted to postpone its vote on the existing agreements with the United States and Australia and called for those accords be renegotiated on the basis of new criteria.

European Commission

European Commission seeks contract law solutions to smooth Single Market for consumers and businesses – Contracts are the basic building blocks for relationships between businesses and consumers. The European Union’s Single Market is built on contract laws. However, businesses – particularly small and medium-sized companies – are hampered in cross-border sales because they must follow different contract laws for each of the EU’s 27 Member States. Only 8% of consumers buy online from another Member State (Consumer Scoreboard 3rd ed.).

2010 European aid report: read how EU’s action helps the poorest countries to develop – The European Commission adopted on 26/06/2010 its Annual Report 2010 on the implementation of EU’s development and external assistance policies in 2009. Programmes and projects led by the Commission reached around 140 developing countries.





Korea : Economic Survey says reforms are needed for a stronger recovery

Sustaining Korea’s strong recovery from the global downturn requires reforms, notably in the service sector, the labour market and the financial sector, to enhance productivity growth. Rapid population ageing makes health-care reform a priority. Korea also faces challenges in its ambitious plan to make green growth the driver of its economic development.

Development: Belgium improves the quality and volume of its aid

The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) commends Belgium’s commitment to improve the quality and volume of its aid, particularly at a time of global economic crisis. Belgium spent USD 2.6 billion on official development assistance (ODA) in 2009, which amounted to 0.55% of its gross national income (GNI).

Overcoming Barriers to Administrative Simplification Strategies: Guidance for Policy Makers

This guide draws on the experience of, and policy dialogue between, OECD member countries and Middle East and North African countries (MENA). It reviews common barriers to designing and implementing a strategy for administrative simplification and offers 22 approaches to overcome them.



United Nations Development Programme

A Users’ Guide to Measuring Public Administration Performance

This Guide responds to a growing demand for more operational and nationally-owned measurement tools for public administration. It critically reviews the existing assessment tools and information sources which are readily accessible online. It provides practical guidance drawing on scenarios, and provides an exhaustive inventory of existing assessment tools and methodologies.