Testimony: Dana Bilan

Being a trainee at the International Institute of Administrative Sciences represents a great opportunity for any student in the field of public administration, international relations or European studies. In my case, the 3 months of internship spent in Brussels working at the IIAS have been the greatest work experience I have ever had, especially because it helped me improve my knowledge regarding the way International Organizations (specifically in the area of public administration and international relations) function, which constitute an important advantage in finishing my degrees in Judicial Sciences and European Studies.

One of the most important aspects (apart from the advantages of living in a European capital) represents the posibility of gaining work experience under the guidance of dedicated and skilful professionals. The main assignment of the internship was elaborating a thematic research, from a public administration perspective, on the subject: Democratic Governance for Socio Economic Development. Other tasks consisted of: thematic abstracts for the Knowledge Portal, updates on the Member States’ profiles, archiving and participation to conferences (organised by the European Policy Centre).

To conclude, I would like to express my gratitude towards my supervisor, Fabienne Maron, and the entire staff at the Institute, for their patience and comprehension, and for the opportunity I was given to work in a very pleasant and friendly environment.

If I were to describe the IIAS, the staff and my experience as a trainee at the Institute in 3 words, those would be: international, professional and friendly.

Dana Bilan

Oradea, Romania