Testimony: Moulay Hicham Mouatadid

A true specialised organisation in terms of administrative science research, analysis and synthesis, but also in terms of support and assistance in the public administrative expertise, the section that welcomed me at the International Institute  of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), allowed me to realise diversified missions, to assume different responsibilities, and enjoy a rich learning experience. The learning conditions that the IIAS provided me are very favourable for the development for individual and collective skills.

My time at IIAS gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the field of administrative sciences in general and public administration in particular, and at the same time, forge my own thinking on development issues, including the determination of priorities between the various projects and programmes of the IIAS.

The professionals of the organization are of many different nationalities and their fields of expertise are equally diverse. I was able to rely on their expertise and their advice when I needed it within my mandate. My network is therefore significantly increased.

This multicultural environment is extremely competitive, however, insofar IIAS favours a recognition programme based on performance. This creates a very stressful work environment where individuals can easily work twelve hours per day on average. In the same vein, power games are very prevalent and they are an integral part, as in any organisation, of the reality of work.

The experience gained in this international institution will no doubt serve me  in achieving an international civil servant career. This internship is the culmination of a university degree completed at ENAP (École Nationale d’Administration Publique, Québec, Canada), an institution in which I acquired a theoretical and practical knowledge needed to operate in any working organisation. ”

Moulay Hicham MOUATADID