Testimony: Suzana Mah’d

Through my internship in the IIAS, I had the following tasks:

In order to accomplish my tasks at the IIAS, first my internship started to learn everything about the IIAS, what it is? What are the structures of IIAS? Members? How it works? After that, the following task was to accomplish the thematic research on E-government, instrument to strengthen trust, my thematic research was so interesting, first I started to read about Public Administration, then about E- governance, trying to understand the role of public Administration in improving e- governance, and how E- governance help to improve citizens confidence in the performance of its agencies, trying to find solutions to improve trust between citizens and E- governance. Then after I accomplished it successfully, I had another task which is to  check and complete the state members profile, I had to work on 5 states, to complete their profiles, and check other 35 countries if there published information’s and links still available or not, in this task I found it challenging to search about the administrative divisions in each country, however I could understand the administrative divisions for each one and compare between them, even some of them have a complex 3 levels divisions. However, after completing it, the next task was to submit comments and suggestions to simplify the structure and presentation of the Knowledge Portal website, in this task I worked on the Knowledge Portal page, so the comments and suggestions that I submitted were the following: a) All the main icons in the menu bar to be put on the right side of the page, and click on each icon to open the page instead of keeping the information in the welcome page b) To simplify the page with few icons that can help the user to look directly to the main portals in the page and click on each one to be able to visit each portal in the website in an organized and easier way. c) The pictures to be added in the page of the related icon, not in the welcome page cause it will distract the user from the main idea/ title in the page, because as much pictures and information in the main page as much the user will be lost in the page. Therefore each information/ article/ picture to be added in its related portal/ topic in their own pages instead of being all together in the welcome page. d) To keep in the main page the Featured news and Latest news the rest as I mentioned to be added inside each portal in the page. Beside the tasks that I had to accomplish in the IIAS, I had the great opportunity to  Participate in different conferences and debates in other institutions as representative of the IIASS The first conference I participated in was at European Policy Center EPC, on 24 October, Post Meeting of the leaders of Euro-17, regarding the economical crises in EU, and after each conference I wrote a report and summary/results/conclusions of the conference. The second conference I participated was also in the European Policy Center EPC, on 27 October, The Complex End of A Summit Marathon, it was after the second meeting of the leaders of Euro-17.

Conclusion: Through my internship at IIAS I have gained skills in researching, writing, and interpersonal communications. I consider myself lucky to be selected as interner at IIAS, it was an extra ordinary experience from all points of view, to have the opportunity to see and learn what are the functions and activities of an International Organization, as student I have learned a lot, from what is the difference between student life and worker life, to work with an extra ordinary team, to informing myself about the institute, to understand the concept of Public Administration and how to think and accomplish my themes from Public Administration point of view, it was a challenge, but glad that I took it. This experience helped to understand and prepare myself for a career in the future.

 Suzana Mah’d