Testimony: Claudia Trivilino

I’ve never had an experience abroad before going to Brussels, and for a long period I didn’t want to leave Italy, because I didn’t imagine how useful it is to live and work for a period in a foreign Country. Then I had chance to work at the IIAS as an intern and everything changed for me, because I had the opportunity to meet very interesting people and to make new working experiences which would never have occurred to me otherwise.

Working at the Institute allowed me to practice and to increase my knowledge in administrative fields with many different activities: during the internship I could carry out different tasks such as the participation to different conferences and dialogues organized by EPC or directly by the IIAS, I developed of lots of topics, under the guide of Fabienne Maron; besides I worked out the thematic research for the Knowledge Portal: a deep study about the concept of public value, from a general and theorical point of view, specifically in relation with tourism.

Obviously, spending three months in a different and multicultural work environment, made by friendly, qualified and hardworking staff, wasn’t just a way to improve my skills, on the contrary, it was a period of personal growth, that carried me to reach new goals, face my limits and overcome them, with strong commitment and dedication.

The three months spent in Brussels were a way to open my mind toward new horizons, creating my new point of view at a professional and personal level and to observe and understand a new way of living, from which it is impossible to come back.

This is the reason why I want to spur the students involved in administrative sciences studies to apply to become trainees in the IIAS and experiment how amazing an international work environment it is, at the same time I’d like to thank all the people I had the chance to work with at the Institute since they gave me the possibility to gain such a valuable work experience.

Claudia Trivilino,

Lanciano, Italy