Testimony: Gheorghe Hanga-Fărcaş

gheorgheIf you are studying Public Administration, International Relations, European Studies, Politics and Policies, Law or even Economics, this is where you want to be! The location of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) in the European capital, Brussels couldn’t be better. Diversity, culture, new, research, professionalism, dedication, activity, team, dialogue, experience, development, skillful, organized environment, gain, work, friends, comprehension, opportunity, performance, leadership, competitiveness, but also good time, parties, beer, chocolate, music, events, receptions, travels are some of the few words I can think at this moment in order to describe my experience at the Institute and in Brussels. I came here with experience from the private sector and a certain type of methodology in doing research and receiving/giving feedback, a certain view on the interactions that take place on the international scene. I am happy to say that all of these changed for the better, that now I also have a good perspective on Public Administration (PA), that was all worth it. I had the opportunity to work in a pleasant, friendly, professional and organized environment; I got to increase my network while relying on the expertize and diversity in culture and knowledge of the staff; I got to increase my language and diplomacy skills; I gained valuable work experience and a full baggage of new knowledge.

Under the guidance of Dr. Fabienne MARON, I did a lot of research on the PA Schools, Institutes, Institutions and Organizations around the world, on different thematics for the upcoming conferences, like leadership, innovation in PA, future strategies in PA, building capacity, coastline public management and governance. I also contributed to the development of the IIAS Knowledge Portal with creating a database with events and news from members, proposing a new design and new provided services by the Portal in order to involve and attract the members and the general public’s attention.

While attending events, conferences and dialogues organized by different institutions like the European Parliament, European Council, European Policy Center, embassies and organizations I had the opportunity to enhance my ability to synthesize aspects of general importance, to find easier the truth from the political discourse and also to widen my perspective.

Therefore, I would like first to thank Dr. Fabienne MARON for the guidance through the entire internship, her patience, for the help with my PhD and other activities and for the time she spent in making sure that I am on the right track and I am maximizing my stay at the IIAS. I would also like to thank the entire staff of the IIAS for its help, kindness and smiles.


Oradea, Romania