Books on ASEAN Countries Edited by Pan Suk Kim Reviewed For PAR


IIAS President, Pan Suk Kim’s three edited books on public administration in ASEAN member countries have been reviewed by a distinguished scholar, Prof. Demetrios Argyriades, and his review article has been published by the official journal (Public Administration Review) of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) in the January/February Issue of 2013.

The books reviewed in this article might be said to form a trilogy. Th ey explore a complex phenomenon from three related perspectives, harping on a common theme but with distinct approaches. They off er, in eff ect, three complementary accounts of the genesis, development, and ongoing course of change in the institutional framework for public administration and governance in a singular grouping of countries. Th e Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was born in 1967 as a club of fi ve developing countries, uncomfortably positioned among rival regional giants. Today, with 10 member states, ASEAN forms a foremost institution looking to charter a course of closer cooperation in ways reminiscent of Europe, which still is pursuing this course with obstacles and challenges at every step of the way. With 583 million people, ASEAN rivals the population of the European Union (EU) but covers a much larger area (approximately 1.7 million square miles/4.5 million square kilometers) in a part of the world that is of growing strategic importance. Its position at the crossroads of major routes of commerce and civilization accounts for its diversity but also explains the synergies and confl icts that gave shape to the history and the systems of governance of the several countries concerned.

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For directly purchasing more copies of three books on public administration in ASEAN member countries, please visit the following links:

Pan Suk Kim, ed., Public Administration and Public Governance in ASEAN Member Countries and Korea
(Seoul: Daeyoung Moonhwasa, 2009). 344 pp.
$17.00 (cloth), ISBN: 9788976443267.

Pan Suk Kim, ed., Civil Service System and Civil Service Reform in ASEAN Member Countries and Korea
(Seoul: Daeyoung Moonhwasa, 2010). 414 pp.
$20.00 (cloth), ISBN: 9788976443519.

Pan Suk Kim, ed., Public Sector Reform in ASEAN Member Countries and Korea
(Seoul: Daeyoung Moonhwasa, 2011). 447 pp. $23.00 (cloth), ISBN: 9788976443861.