WILCO Project on Social Innovation at the Local level Publishes its Findings


The EU-funded WILCO Project (Welfare Innovations at the Local Level in Favour of Cohesion ) has released its findings, the results of a 3 years research.

The network of academics coordinated by Prof. Dr. Taco Brandsen aimed to :

“examine, through cross-national comparative research, how local welfare systems affect social inequalities andhow they favour social cohesion with a special focus on the missing link between innovations at the local level and their successful transfer and implementation to other settings.

The results were used, through strong interaction with stakeholders and urban policy recommendations, to link immediately to the needs of practitioners. In doing so, we connected issues of immediate practical relevance with state-of-the-art academic research on how approaches and instruments in local welfare function in practice”.

To discover more about WILCO and the outcome of the research, visit our Focus on Innovation in the Public Sector page dedicated to WILCO.