PA News : 10/12/2015

Gender Equality

Merit vs Equality? The argument that gender quotas violate meritocracy is based on fallaciesOp-Ed : Merit vs Equality? The argument that gender quotas violate meritocracy is based on fallacies

The case against gender quotas often involves the argument of merit. The logic is that we should recruit on the basis of merit, not gender; quotas recruit on the basis of gender and so are by definition unmeritocratic. This is a myth used to justify the privilege-based status quo, argues Rainbow Murray . By focusing on political recruitment, she explains why merit and quotas are not mutually exclusive but that in fact, quotas are essential to a meritocratic system for they open up politics to everyone. One of the sticks used to beat gender quotas with is the argument of meritocracy. This is being repeated time and again; the use of gender quotas in Ireland and the appointment of a gender-balanced cabinet in Canada are two recent examples . The argument is underpinned by three fundamental assumptions. The first is that recruitment without gender quotas is meritocratic. The second is that there is a clear, objective definition of meritocracy in political recruitment. And the third is that gender is an inherently unmeritocratic criterion for political representation. I argue that none of these assumptions is true, and hence that the argument is fundamentally flawed. Firstly, recruitment without gender quotas is […]

Sustainable Governance

COP21 : la modernisation de l’action publique au service du changement climatique (The modernisaton f Public Action at the Service of Climate Change)

The SGMAP is committed to the climate. As part of the COP21, it is at the origin of two competitions highlighting innovative solutions to meet the challenges posed by climate change: the Climate Change Challenge and the Nudge Challenge Climat. The winners of the Nudge Climate Challenge will be announced  December 9, 20155 at the PlaceToBe.

In parallel with the international conference of the UN, the SGMAP will participate in  « Breakthrough Night : a night for climate innovation », to be held Friday, December 4th in the Grand Palais in Paris. The innovation Eco system will gather to put forward mature or native projects, actively participating in the invention of the post-carbon world and change our society. As part of this forum, Henri Verdier, interdepartmental director for State digital  Information and communication system within the SGMAP, will speak at the Plateau “Climate Solutions Innovations” at 10 pm.

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2000px-UN_emblem_blue.svgUN : Sustainable Development Goals Explained: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

United Nations: Gary Fowlie, Head of the International Telecommunication Union Liaison Office to the United Nations, explains how technology and innovation connects to the pillars of sustainable development, including economic growth, social inclusion and environmental balance.

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UN : Secretary-General Appoints David Nabarro of United Kingdom Special Adviser on 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of David Nabarro of the United Kingdom as Special Adviser on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  The Special Adviser will work with Member States and other relevant stakeholders to galvanize action on implementation of the Agenda, while also overseeing the Secretary-General’s special initiatives, for example, “Every Woman Every Child”.

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Migration Management

Merit vs Equality? The argument that gender quotas violate meritocracy is based on fallaciesUN Agencies : Special Adviser Joins Peace Forum in Monaco, Addresses Migrant Crisis

Geneva, Switzerland (UNOSDP) – The 8th edition of the Peace and Sport International Forum opened today in Monaco with a panel discussion on refugee crisis featuring the Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace Wilfried Lemke as the keynote speaker.

Organized annually since 2007, the Forum has established a solid platform for leading peace-promoters, where international sport movement, governments, public and private sectors come together to develop concrete steps to put sport at the service of global peace.

Along with other participants of the opening panel – H.E. Nadia Arop Dudi of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of South Sudan, Mr. Pascal Boniface of IRIS, Mr. Philippe Leclerc of UNHCR and Mr. Wenzel Michalski of Human Rights Watch, the Special Adviser was challenged to devise ways to “Preserve Peace in a World in Motion” and tackle the issues faced by migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers through sport-based programmes and activities.

Think tanks

Merit vs Equality? The argument that gender quotas violate meritocracy is based on fallaciesFGV HOLDS 3RD LATIN AMERICAN THINK TANKS MEETING IN BUENOS AIRES

Fundação Getulio Vargas held the third edition of the Encuentro Latinoamericano de Think Tanks (Latin American Think Tanks Meeting), in partnership with the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC), Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI) and the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP), at the University of Pennsylvania. The event took place in November, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and brought together 35 Latin American think tanks and representatives of other think tanks in the world. This year’s agenda included an analysis of both regional and global political, economic and social contexts, and the structural and cyclical challenges for think tanks in the Latin American region.

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Merit vs Equality? The argument that gender quotas violate meritocracy is based on fallaciesRwanda : Irembo, an e-governance platform

In order to facilitate access to public services to its population, the Rwandan government has launched a platform called “Irembo”. The word Irembo means “door” or “gateway” and literally represents access to a multitude of services offered by the government of Paul Kagame.
With this tool available for several months now, Rwandans can get various administrative documents such as birth certificates, driving licenses, commercial licenses, criminal records and much more.
Various payment methods (Mobile Money, credit cards, etc.) are available on the platform and the portal is available in 3 of the most spoken languages in the country.
The portal was launched with the goal of offering 20 services in total by the end of 2015.


Merit vs Equality? The argument that gender quotas violate meritocracy is based on fallaciesAustralia : Increase efficiencies, decrease risk and provide service excellence in Local Government

Councils operate in a highly regulated environment with the greatest level of exposure and interaction with the public – more than any other tier of government. They are complex organisations, constantly under pressure to boost efficiency and reduce risk while meeting rising community expectations regarding transparency and speed of service.

With such pressure to deliver better services to their community and employees; manage and protect enterprise information; meet strict compliance rules; and improve business processes, the challenge is how to achieve this while keeping a tight rein on costs.

Many councils have looked towards technology to leverage information assets in an effort to streamline their operations and drive digital transformation initiatives. These can be broken down into three progressive stages:

  • Reform
  • Transform
  • Perform


Euromed Summit of Economic and Social Councils calls for greater role of Civil Society in ENP

The Declaration underlined the need for a greater role for civil society in the ENP, not only in further involving civil society organisations in ENP related commitments and activities, but also by calling on the ENP to ensure that it empowers civil society in all countries and ensures compliance with fundamental human, civil, political, economic and social rights. It asked for the revised ENP to clearly aim at an effective dialogue between representative civil society organisations, public authorities and regions, rather than mere on-line consultations which are sometimes irrelevant.

The meeting marked the 20th anniversary of the Euromed Summits, which were launched on the basis of the mandate conferred by the Barcelona Declaration in 1995. The participants discussed the situation in the region, focusing on the new ENP, regional dialogue, the participation of social and economic councils and players in the development of the region, and on the need for common responses to the challenge of migration and refugees. (EU Neighbourhood Info)


Haiti – Politic : Reform of Public Administration, impressive record in 3 years

The Haitian government has engaged for three years (November 2012) reforms to the establishment of a new Public Service system and a modern Public Administration. As evidenced by the vision advocated in the State Reform Framework Programme (PCRE): “a future with an administration and a public service, modern, efficient, honest, impartial, at the service of citizens and the public interest, capable of winning the confidence of public servants and the population.”

These reforms are entrusted, since 2012 to the Office of Management and Human Resources (OMRH), one of four strategic coordination bodies of the Government at ministerial vocation, responsible for guiding and supervising ministries and agencies in this long-term task.