The International Public Management Network (IPMN) Conference Live On Youtube

The IPMN Conference 2016 is taking place on 2-3 June at the University of St. Gallen.

The 20th Anniversary Conference of the IPMN invites participants to reflect on the field of public administration and management including its merits in making scientific progress and by drawing on the practical experiences with worldwide reform processes. Where have we been? What progress have we made? Have we accomplished what we set out to do? What challenges remain? Have we closed the academic/practice gap, rendered the field ever more relevant? What guidance do we give new scholars who want to join us in charting a path toward the future?

For those who cannot attend the Conference; IMPN has organised to broadcast two sessions which can also be viewed after the sessions

The IPMN Conference 2016 broadcast can be watched on as well as on the YouTube channel ipmn2016. Please click on the links above to participate at the live sessions.