Our Interns: Juliette Prieur and Polina Zyabukhina

Our interns are an integral part of the IIAS, contributing every week to our Public Administration news round-up.

Here are the latest addition to our team: Juliette and Polina.

JulietteJuliette PRIEUR, 22, French.

I am enrolled in a Master Programme of « Public policies » with a major in Public Affairs at Paris Dauphine University. I have been currently doing an internship for 3 months at the IIAS in order to complete the first year of Master.
During this internship I have been working on a report about African civil servants’ training made by foreign trainers. My report is focused on French speaking countries. In this respect, I have been doing a case study on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

polinaPolina ZYABUKHINA, Russian.

I am a first year Master’s student in Political science at the Department of Political and Territorial Studies at the University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne, France. Previously I graduated with a diploma in International Relations from the University of Moscow, Russia. My professional interests are international humanitarian cooperation, human rights and development aid.

At the IIAS, I am currently working on a trend analysis in public administration and sustainable development programmes in Central Asia.

The IIAS-IASIA welcomes students in public administration and who wish to be involved in a training internship (non-remunerated) related to their studies (in administrative or political science, public management, public law, international relations).