Helping us by becoming an intern at IIAS

Working on the Institute’s Knowledge Portal is the best means for an on-the-job trainee to become acquainted with recent developments and reforms in the diverse fields of the administrative sciences, to have a broad perspective of the numerous existing projects and to be informed of the relevant important meetings, conferences and seminars planned at the international level.

By working on a new theme, our trainee will be able to compare the best of what is happening in the public sector. He/She will work and cooperate with persons outside the Institute (partners or not). This is a means for our trainee to make new contacts and to strengthen an already extensive network.

Our on-the-job training programme is meant for students who already have research experience with specialized internet websites. The programme will provide the trainee with in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in the public administration/public management sector. This valuable experience can then be used to the trainee’s advantage in his/her relations with other institutions or enterprises.

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