Focus on Integrity in the Public Sector

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.The issues related to integrity are at the heart of current debates both political debates and discussion on public administration and public sector. Integrity is a very important aspect of good governance. Strengthening integrity in the public sector and fighting and / or preventing corruption are central strategies and actions for governments particularly in order to reinforce citizens’ trust in governments, institutions and administrations. Integrity refers to the application of values, norms and principles in the daily operations by public sector organizations, by individuals and groups.

Our previous focus showed how public trust could be eroded or strengthened and what the strategies to ensure trust in public administration were. Strategies for integrity were identified as tools used among others as enhancing performance or participation.
Integrity and all related matters are complex phenomenon with multiple dimensions as the two interviews conducted by IIAS team try to demonstrate.

As a complex phenomenon, integrity in the public sector requires a multidisciplinary approach to understand all dimensions of integrity and its interconnections with other aspects of good governance such as transparency or accountability.

We interviewed an academic confirming the need for a multi-approach of this topics and a practitioner (an audit and integrity service) demonstrating how the implementation of integrity requires coherent efforts to update standards, rules and codes, to provide guidance or monitor and strengthen the practice of every day.

References to our partners’ initiatives and the recent news highlight the need to reflect together on this important issue.

Join our discussion by offering your contributions and sharing all the initiatives undertaken by your governments and administrations to deal with integrity issues.

Dr. Fabienne Maron