Focus: Public Management in the Mediterranean – Management Public Durable

MANGA collective publication from the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on Public Management

The book aims to present the most significant contributions of the first three Euro Mediterranean Dialogue. It made the choice to group them under the general title of sustainable public management in three main areas: the tools and practices, territorial management and governance.

Edited by Céline’s Boys, Robert Fouchet, Bruno Tiberghien

Collection : Administration publique aujourd’hui – Public Administration Today

Publisher : Bruylant, De Boeck Group, 2013

This book addresses the topic of sustainable public management in the Mediterranean and gives voice to researchers from the Mediterranean area who have as common orientation policy governance and territorial development. The proposed reflection is focused around three main themes: the tools and practices of sustainable public management, territorial management, and finally, governance.

The aim is to present a mosaic of thoughts and regional practices in public services, environmental management, culture, higher education, focusing on both administrations, as well as on territorial communities, in both South and North of the Mediterranean.

This book provides the knowledge and understanding of the perspectives of the similarities and differences between the areas of the Mediterranean. It lays the groundwork for a dialogue and an exchange of transnational practices in sustainable Public Management in the Mediterranean.


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