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Latest Update 04/03/2010

Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) begins inquiry on Government IT – This will be the Committee’s first evidence session of its Inquiry into the Government’s use of IT. Successive administrations have attempted to reform Government IT with the aim of modernising how public services are delivered and reducing costs. The Government’s record in this area is mixed; while several projects have been successful there have also been a number of well publicised failures.

Committee to ask Minister and Civil Servant about plans for Reform – This will be the Committee’s third session on its inquiry into Civil Service Reform and Good Governance principles. The Prime Minister’s ambitions for a Big Society imply a huge culture change for Whitehall and how it goes about the business of Government.


e-Government National Awards 2010 winner: Queen Margaret University

by Lucie Mitchell

Queen Margaret University (QMU) moved to a thin-client infrastructure around three years ago, which has helped to lower power consumption and reduce heat generation, and so minimise the need for air-conditioning in desktop computing areas. As a result, the technology has delivered direct energy and cost savings of around £47,000 per year.

The audit and inspection of local authorities: Memorandum from the Department for Communities and Local Government

This memorandum outlines how the Government is taking forward the establishment of a new, more localist, audit regime for local public bodies, and the underlying principles on which the Government believes any such regime should be based. (continues…)