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The Palestinian National Authority is the name of the government entity that administers the Arab inhabitants of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in zones A and B of Palestine as defined by the Oslo Accords.Government :Président : Mahmoud Abbas –

Prime Minister : Rami El-Hamdallah –

The Government of El-Rami Hamdallah: There are 20 ministries and 24 ministers, is the 15th Government of the Palestinian Authority since its inception.

ADMINISTRATION Ministries dealing with public administration issues are :


The Palestinian Authority is divided into two levels. The first takes the form of a legislative council composed of 132 members. Half of these are elected in constituencies while the other 66 are elected by universal suffrage. This method of election is used to represent the local people and the party that electors really wants to see in power. The Prime Minister is part of the council and is appointed by the President. By convention, the leader of the ruling party is appointed.The President is the second level of government. He is elected in separate elections.Legislative Council:


The occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were divided by the Oslo Accords into three administrative areas with different statuses. These areas have been confirmed by the Oslo II Accords

  • Zone A (18%) is the area under total Palestinian control. Palestinian cities, with the exception of East Jerusalem which was excluded from agreements;
  • Zone B (19%) is the area under Palestinian civilian control but under Israeli military control;
  • Area C (62%) is the total area under Israeli control.
These territories were divided into sixteen governorates (5 in the Gaza Strip and 11 in the West Bank), under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, the Governor and always appointed by the president of the Palestinian Authority.In the Gaza Strip

In the West Bank

There are 132 municipalities and village councils in the territories, the council members are elected every four years.


Gaza Strip:

West Bank


Centre of Documentation, Research and Expertise of the NSA (Centre de Documentation , de Recherche et d’Expertise (CDRE) de l’ENA) –

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